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Yellow skin woman looked over, this kind of accessories make your skin more white
Many girls through fashionable dress can wear clothing with their own unique and taste style, we generally are more concerned about the clothes with the shoes, but little attention to what kind of accessories for their own. Such as a lot of yellow girl in the dress with a very attention, try to choose some significant color, wear out their own style.

But in fact a lot of fashion and style of the sister, pay attention to the overall mix at the same time, also pay attention to their own accessories with, learn from the details of the hands will have to make their own more style, then the yellow sister's choice of what kind of accessories more obvious White and enhance the color it? Come and see me with chant!

montblanc timewalker Cake and Shapi Dogs Creative design of the small fresh earrings, very artistic style, the color of the combination of color combination Whether it is light or warm color is very suitable for small colored accessories will become a bright spot with the whole, of course If you like the small fresh, Sen Department of the match, more suitable for Oh!

The little girl with the one-eyed blossom with some of the creative earrings some lovely and Funny, the same is the combination of cold and warm color of the earrings do not pick the color with a good, of course, cute strange wind fashion small accessories is suitable for street leisure or cute wind with Delicate and thoughtful little match.

Earrings are very simple atmosphere of the daily accessories, this pink lollipop and red letters of the combination of a more girl feeling, it is suitable for fashionable cute mont blanc pens discount wind, of course, small freshen with very suitable, with warm clothes Played a very good brightening effect.

This 925 sterling silver black gold bracelet, the overall black design with carefully selected Myanmar white chalcedony, simple and unique highlights. Elegant as moonlight white chalcedony, the mont blanc sale color is very soft, looks very gentle and elegant, it is a bracelet of art.

This cat and moonlight fun pattern bracelet, very fresh art, 925 sterling silver bracelet is not easy to fade, but also more brightening color. Carefully selected moonlight stone high-end fashion, and inlaid solid is not easy to fall, very fine is also very simple a wild jewelry.