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With these accessories elements, a new generation of rapper is you!
Many people think that hip hop is the kind of feeling of black streets, clothing is crooked hat, large T-shirt and collapsed pants with the shape of the shoes, but now, hip-hop culture and other cultures have been very integration, You can integrate a variety of music, such as rock mont blanc pens and roll or folk music combination, clothing is the same, no longer limited young people, but toward health, fashion and sexy to develop.

1. hat (cap / baseball hat / fisherman hat)

Hat, of course, is like the essential weight of a single product friends, hip hop mainly wear the main point is cool, cold, street, a cap cap down your eaves you are a new generation of rapper haha a joke friends, of course, baseball cap, Fisherman hat is also very cool with the cool, choose a suitable for their own bar!

2. Ring / Big Earrings / Cross Jewelry / Necklace

If you are skinny black and healthier girls / boys, it is recommended to choose gold jewelry, if you are skinny white, you can choose silver jewelry, but it is best not to take out the gold and silver mix and match, so look More tacky.

3. Sunglasses

Think of sunglasses is the main keyword is cool ah, do not need to explain. China has hip-hop, all team judges are wearing sunglasses it! Especially Wu Yifan, look at the map to know, but not particularly necessary, but you want to cool more cold, may wish to frame a sunglasses.

4. scarves

You can first tie a scarf, and then wear a hat so that the feeling of hip hop more flavor.

5. watch

mont blanc pens for sale Wearing some accessories, but most will wear a watch, especially men, most of the mechanical watch, not only significant taste but also can increase personal charm.

If you want to create a lovely sense of hip-hop style, you can choose the bright colors of the Hawaiian style montblanc boheme shirt, girls open open with the inside of the harness with the tape, the tape montblanc boheme will be more part of the mix and match the level of bright colors can also increase the mix Sweet and sexy feeling.