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With the accessories to get rid of passers-by 4 big tricks
Small accessories set up, and often are big fashionable. As the wear of the fanatical chase, and ultimately concerned about the fashion on the INS wear Dafa. Found that they are all with some of the finishing touch.

Earrings, wearing a smart sense of art

The magic of earrings has never been underestimated, wearing a highlight of montblanc pens your fashionable position is the symbol, generally speaking, wearing a design with a sense of a single product, it will not seem too vulgar Single wear T-shirt or shirt TOP slightly monotonous, to a pair of playful color big earrings, summer elf is you!

With elegant pearl lit the overall shape, making the original neutral handsome black shirt instantly become lively and charming. And slightly exaggerated spherical pendant style and deep V design to bring the sense of emptiness, virtually added a little glory.

Metal circle design is very personalized, but also a perfect tool to modify the face. The ear-shaped geometry looks full of CHIC! Large circle staggered lines to create a super-stylish three-dimensional visual sense!

Necklace, modified neck weapon

mont blanc Occasionally participate in some of the more advanced party, wearing some beautiful necklace is indispensable, double / multi-layer necklace in this year's unusually hot, because it can be a good modification of your neck clavicle lines. Multi-level necklace is best with V-neck or low-cut clothing Oh! At any time to give life with mont blanc sale a little material, this blue cloth geometric necklace is definitely a good helper, summer simple fashion ride to rely on it!

Jewelry, advertised their own fashion logo

If you are just wearing a ring, it is necessary to see now popular is the more "more" more fashionable to wear Dafa, with the material mix is enough personality, a variety of geometric shapes collide together, can produce surprise Interesting! Want to highlight their own taste, bracelets and watches are also indispensable one of the fashionable elements yo! Lightweight bracelet and watch on a wrist, easy "hit" a sense of fashion!

Square, small accessories large style

Summer in order to fill the streets of T-shirt denim hot pants out of color, a small square can be resolved! Both to enrich the overall level of wear, but also armed to the neck, the solution can be tied down on the head, the bag, just not too easy to use. Department of the neck is the most basic with the approach, easy to create a light Mature's cool wear to wear.

Department in the waist both rich level, but also added vitality. If the summer feel too hot, can be in the bag on the bag, the color of the square with a black and white bag low-key sense of playful sense of the whole body because of the bright color of the scarf fashion sense of rising!