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Winter clever accessories, so boring winter vivid!
montblanc meisterstuck How to make the winter clothing with more color it, in addition to colorful with, there is a way is clever use of accessories. Let's start with the earrings, look at how to choose a winter earrings?


1) Choose the same color as the jacket earrings. The same color with the line is very harmonious, this is the best way with.

2) style can be an exaggeration, but to fit his face. Round face girl can choose a little long earrings.

Square face girl no longer choose long section, you can choose other styles. Red bowler hat and red pants echoed harmoniously, earrings with more color. Square face can wear round earrings, facial contours more gentle point. Goose egg face what style can try, as long as the unique style. Fringed earrings, style atmosphere. Or so, longer earrings, but also face modification. Even in winter dark clothes, as long as the exaggerated earrings, facial contours instantly vivid. Big green earrings hit montblanc meisterstuck the color of montblanc boheme the yellow ride, and then with a black leather, feeling the influx of the.

Necklace: winter necklace mont blanc fountain pen how to match?

1) Light-colored coat with a bright necklace.

If you do not want to wear a scarf, you can wear a necklace. However, the north of the winter is not suitable, cold.

2) If your collarbone is pretty enough, you can also wear a necklace. Show clavicle, wear clavicle necklace.

3) Or like this sweater chain, worn on the sweater, and then take a coat.

4) What kind of feeling with the necklace with what style coat. In fact, in addition to earrings, necklaces, there is a hat, scarf, watches can make clothing with more vivid.

Watch can also be used as accessories, the following figure feels good intellectual ah, gray, white with a watch is really great.

No matter what kind of accessories, as long as their own intentions with the United States and the United States. Finally, I wish you happy every day!