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What small accessories can light a sweater a single product
Winter is coming, sweaters are essential for every woman wardrobe single product, solid color, fluorescent color, color combinations, printing, etc., how to choose sweater accessories, so that sweaters even better? I hope you can get a different ride inspired Oh ~

1, pearl accessories

Pearl soft gloss and sweater texture complement each other, multi-layer or design style pearl necklace special, can well enhance the overall shape of the high sense.

2, tassel long chain

Fringed long chain can be described as a small high-collar and large V collar gospel. Tassels long chain bohemian style, because the length is relatively long, which can be a good balance of neck and face lines. The highly dynamic metal fringe enriches monotonous knit shapes with a visual balance of hard and soft combinations.

3, exaggerated necklace

High-necked sweater is difficult to wear ugly, want to avoid the turtleneck out of the "grandmother" taste, you need a "short stiff" necklace, montblanc timewalker easy to wear out the fashion icon feeling. Once the neck has a focal point, montblanc pens we should say goodbye to the thin mont blanc fountain pen knit shape ~

4, design sense pendant

Pendant with a sense of design is relatively small, simple, the chain is relatively small, a little embellishment on the look a lot different, the most important is that this chain is very wild, spring, summer, autumn and winter can be used for all scenarios, is a Evergreen ornaments.

Brooch articles

cheap mont blanc pens No further brooches chest is the most classic way to wear, the brooch decorated in the sweater, finishing touch finishing effect, simple and not monotonous. Brooch though called brooch, may not only be worn on the chest Oh, you can choose any you want to show the fashion position ~

Of course, some cartoon images are super cute, but in the choice of color and single product should pay attention to each other echo ~

Of course, girls' shoes, literature and art pay attention to myself, full of literary style brooch modeling with a light-colored sweater, holding the poetry set in the shallow chandelier girl is not your thing ~