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These fashion accessories single product, you do not hurry up collection?
For the fashion circle, want to look good and brilliant, light is good clothing is not enough, accessories are indispensable, the selection of accessories is the finishing touch. Today, Xiaobian summarized for everyone the most hot in 2017 several accessories, in 2018 can still brilliant.

Top1 choker

Now choker heat diminished, not only is the celebrity entertainer, a lot of people in the life of fashion cheap mont blanc pens people more and more love it, the style is also mont blanc more and more diverse. However, choker requirements for the wearer is high, so still have to choose a suitable for their own, do not follow the trend of blasting.

Top2 berets

From the baseball cap two years ago to the current beret, it is easy to see that the hat has mont blanc pen always been an indispensable accessory. Berets bring retro and art style, in 2017 from the T station extended to the red carpet, and then toward a variety of fashion street shoot, whether it is traditional models, improved models or accessories models, are not difficult to see the major brands and celebrities Fashionable people love berets.

mont blanc starwalker Top3 headband

Never imagined, at the end of 2017, this hair band wind swept the fashion circle again and again, all of them came up with hair bands and showed their foreheads to be their little fairies.

Top4 big earrings

Top5 small sunglasses

Sunglasses have always been essential fashion items, but every year there will be different trends, such as the past are large and bright for the United States, but in the opposite trend in 2017, small and stylish sunglasses began to pop stand up. Compared with the big sunglasses, small sunglasses also do not have some taste.