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These accessories with a sweater chain can sweater dress montblanc pens more color
mont blanc pens for sale How to wear a sweater look better? Let's talk about the simplest montblanc timewalker one today: that is to use a sweater chain of decaying magic. One of the biggest differences between passersby and fashion is the use of accessories. The basic section of the clothes plus necklace to do embellishment, the degree of fashion increased sharply. Do not underestimate this little decoration, it can not only improve the overall sense of sophistication, but also in the neckline formed ingenious V-shaped, played the role of face and body modification.

Wearing such a small turtleneck sweater is easy to show shoulder width, she usually likes to wear a short necklace, with black sweater very bright. Some color looks good-looking, but always looks bad and not good enough to wear. With the sweater chain embellishment, this is not a problem.

What a good sweater chain, how to choose it? Not too much, four different styles are enough to deal with all occasions. A basic paragraph short necklace if you only buy one, I devaluation short necklace. Probably below the length of the clavicle to the chest above this interval.

Thin short necklace with dark sweater finishing touch the most obvious effect. With a fancy sweater is not mont blanc pen against, you can add a little refined feeling. Moreover, it forms the V-shaped words in the visual effects of stretching and shrinking, you can modify the face, so it is suitable for matching small round neck and turtleneck sweater. Although the chain is too short clavicle, but there is no such skill. Shoulder width of the students is also very suitable, it can play the role of transfer of attention, so that others look to the middle of the look.

See here, I believe you also found, short necklace is also divided into many kinds, different pendant shape. The most noteworthy is the golden round coin necklace.