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Temperament sweater long necklace, eye-catching and nice little accessories
Now popular necklaces are almost all very short, to the clavicle clavicle chain, and even chocker collar necklace, but in fact the long chain is also very beautiful, especially with a sweater, a long chain mont blanc sale of eyeing and looking good, let Monotonous sweater instantly become different, crazy call for the long necklace call.

Hanging beads, lengthen the line of sight

Why most people prefer a short necklace, I heard because, short necklace stay in the clavicle, will appear more sexy. However, in this season, wearing a sweater wrap sweater, with a short necklace there is no sense of existence, not as good as mont blanc fountain pen the necklace with a long fashion sense. Long necklace with pearl necklace is shorter than traditional long necklace, it is reflected in the long pearl beads hanging long thin hanging strong, eye sight can be caught almost a second, hanging Bead necklaces tell us that even long, too, can be very delicate.

Small round long chain, the back of Allure

The reason why the long chain does not look good, perhaps because of the chain of the clumsy threadbare, wear some sense of cumbersome. Uniform distribution of some small circular pattern on the chain, both to avoid cumbersome, but also add beauty, double benefit. However, it is surprising that it is not just the immediate scenery, the back of the United States is particularly attractive. In the back of the necklace to do some small treatment, the effect of the drop points out your beautiful neck, either positive or negative, are perfect.

Natural crystal, energy source

Necklace and crystal with a very popular, in particular, contains some beautiful crystal necklace, like wearing the same as happiness, always give people a better wishes. mont blanc fountain pen Crystal is the crystallization of nature, its pure beauty, natural beauty, fascinating. Whether it is carefully polished crystal or original crystal, have their own unique feeling, or concise, or exquisite fashion, there will always be your favorite style. Long chain of crystal necklace with sweater, sense of simplicity vaguely revealed.

montblanc boheme Flowers and herbs, natural fun

Everything in nature can be a source of inspiration for designers, including flowers and trees. Flowers of fruit or pure leaves, made of long necklace is full of oxygen belonging to the forest, the garden fresh. Write a moving picture. Flowers and fruits of the designers with their clever thinking and flexible hands, this scene completely freeze down. Full of vintage-style plant necklaces, let us not only hang around between the neck, wearing a cozy little beautiful.

Different people wear different styles of necklace, follow the trend does not necessarily go right, but for you is the best.