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Skirt dressed very beautiful, one by one decorated with accessories embellishment
L00K: skirt + accessories

montblanc meisterstuck Spring want to dress beautiful and charming skirt, must not help accessories. A necklace and bracelet, a humble earrings and rings, are embellished fashion tool, all kinds of bags can not only be beautiful decoration, but also practical wild, is the best choice for the street. In short, with clothing, accessories play a key role in embellishment fashion.

White pattern dress, this dress is very beautiful suction eye, outside the rough cowboy jacket, highlighting with a sense of hierarchy, and then red bag and high heels dotted, very beautiful and beautiful.

Pattern dress is very bright, take the pink hairy cardigan, with the same color bag and high heels for tones in series, open collar exposed clavicle, with a necklace embellishment is inevitable.

White shirt, generous style simple, collar with gold tile decoration, to the background against the black skirt above the golden brick, very clever. In the red high heels and red leather bag for color embellishment, become very fashionable bright.

A pattern skirt is enough time to look good, with a rose belt decorated with charming waist, under the black high heels to highlight the posture of mont blanc starwalker the United States, plus a single chain of black chain, very romantic beauty.

White pattern fabric vest, take a small pink skirt, look pure and romantic. The pendant with the upper body is not monotonous empty, leather bag with a color fit dress, the overall mix are pink and low-key.

A lace pattern skirt, look a little sexy and mysterious, plus a belt to improve the waist, looks more posture beauty, and blue masonry necklace is very eye-catching, in the bracelet contrast, become a fashion bright spot.

This match with their own romantic and simple. montblanc pens Black skirt after the long flowing soft, wearing high heels tall, and feet bare gold ring is more eye-catching, against the background of metal pendant earrings, the details of the perfect decoration.

Black chiffon pullover, neckline and cuffs for color decoration design, chest with red bowknot necklace embellishment, in the red bag, red high heels, tones on the series under the fashion a flirtatious, in the package with a trace of sexy lace people.