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Show men charm - men's accessories clever match
Sometimes, you carefully with some standing in front of the mirror clues, may feel a little less, but always do not understand what is missing. Maybe your underwear choice has been perfect, but never considered the mont blanc pens accessories. On the lack of "God to a pen", your autumn shape will be more type!

This "God to a", can be a collar, you can tie, it can be Xionghua, square, cuffs, bracelets and other accessories. Itself, "a pen" meaning does mont blanc not need to add to the decorative single product, and accessories models small and stylish, how to use this "God to a" to the whole set of finishing, you need to carefully study the various Single product charm.

First pen: waist

Not only limited to the ordinary black leather belt, from the color and style point of view to choose to make people shine belt.

Second pen: wrist

montblanc meisterstuck Watch and bracelet to fill the wrist on the blank, metal, leather, wood elements are preferred.

The third pen: eyes

Sunglasses is a magic weapon to increase the cool, you can choose according to the color of their favorite favorite style.

The fourth pen: head overhead

Hat models have a lot, but must be based on their own face and the overall montblanc pens style to choose.

The fifth pen: chest

Scarves are men's suits commonly used, but you can also try men's flower-shaped brooch, do not have a taste.

Sixth pen: neck

Neck in addition to scarves tie, to match the accessories there are many, through the material and color to match the clothes will be better.