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Save monotonous collocation, how to wear accessories accessories are Western style
Women are born beautiful. Walking in the street, see the stunning eyes of others, I believe my sister always brimming in the heart. On the look out to build, in addition to beautiful fashion clothes that, with some stylish accessories may be even more color! However, many girls with these decorations, often with only one, it will inevitably be monotonous. More clever woman will mont blanc pens for sale try to put a variety of accessories stacked up and out, that effect is really quite like!

When it comes to accessories, many people think of some jewelry, in fact, not only these! Many girls favorite bags, watches can be attributed to such, and they are the same with the jewelry, fashion, refined elegance, are the perfect tool to go out concave shape!

mont blanc starwalker Since they can take the crush are fashion and beautiful results, as a beauty of the mont blanc little fairy even can not let them go, put them through the income pocket, the next to go out to go out!

Strap band ring, the designer will be sexy and hot bandage elements, into the fingers touching the love of jewelry, flowing in the slender fingers flowing, whether it is luxurious golden or cold silver, are exudes a feminine woman Delicate and thousands of style, the shackles of the skin revealed the shiny, fingertips bring a very teaser retro atmosphere.

Designed with the palm leaf as the blueprint, the earrings are inspired by the green gemstones. The shape of the ring mont blanc pen is also different leaf veins, the overall fresh style, exudes the charm of the tropical style. More exaggerated Size, just follow the trend of fashion, plus a lot for the wearer's shape!

Stainless steel circular case with high sensitivity, with milky white color dial simple three needle, bar time scale more intuitive, three o'clock clear direction of the calendar small window display, twelve o'clock with the Longines logo Highlight quality, polished stainless steel bracelet, wear comfortable.

The sleek sleek design of the stainless steel case is highly sensitive and comes with a polished round bracelet that not only wears comfort but also gives a full sense of visual appeal. The simple white dial figures and stripes at a glance, imported Swiss movement durable .