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Necessary fashion accessories, bring it to your temperament sharp increase
Slender hand, girls dress up their own indispensable "position" from one hand skin care, to nail, and then to the ring, bracelet beautiful everywhere, are full of care machine.

Spring season, watching the willow out of fresh yellow buds, opened the pink peach tree full, is it right? Want to get rid of wearing a mont blanc pens discount winter black and white ash, immediately put on these fresh colors are upper body? mont blanc starwalker calm! calm! mont blanc ballpoint pens Are wearing on the body like mont blanc sale to turn the color palette, a bit too exaggerated, I think you should come to pieces of colored gemstone jewelry, a small area of bright colors are suitable for such a transitional season.

The matching skills of montblanc pens fashion jewelry: a thin body of women

mont blanc pens Suitable for wearing small and simple jewelry, avoid necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets, belts out together. Neck and hand accessories mont blanc pen montblanc timewalker best wear-free, may wish to try to wear some earrings, rings and hair accessories, and are suitable for small. If you must wear a necklace, you should choose some fine metal chain, not to wear a pendant is appropriate.

Second fashion jewelry matching skills: with body shape and jewelry

Thin, flat chest, such as wearing a cascading pattern mont blanc rich necklace or a large and elegant brooch montblanc meisterstuck will be covered with a flat chest, hand ornaments should be bold lines; tall should not Put a short necklace tightly montblanc boheme in the neck, it will be more prominent your tall figure.

Three matching skills of fashion jewelry: Women wear glasses to pay attention

For jewelry matching should be extra careful, because no matter how simple the glasses you wear, the glass will always shine shiny, so mont blanc fountain pen it is best to wear only a pair mont blanc starwalker of plain earrings or a bracelet, must not wear both earrings, Also wear necklaces, bracelets, brooches and so on. Face and jewelry with? mont blanc pens for sale If your cheekbones higher, then the earrings to use small, preferably bead-shaped or round, mont blanc so that the facial outline looks more gentle.

In short, the short face should wear a long necklace, square face should wear a graceful long thin earrings and long necklace, long face should wear large round earrings and shorter necklace, pointed face shape should wear sagging mont blanc pens more Large round ear studs, the upper tip of the lower face wide wide face earrings should not be large, the necklace should not be short, should not be thin, thin, neck length people should cheap mont blanc pens wear a shorter necklace or multi-layer combination of the necklace. Do not match more jewelry, one or two are exquisite decoration and embellishment, while more than three are vulgar. Keep in mind that jewelry is just an embellishment that adjusts the dress to make it more in tune with the temperament you want to show.