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Men wear: those extra points of the accessories
Whether it is bracelet or necklace, whether it is a ring or earrings, Xiao Bian want to say, simply chic like, do not mont blanc ballpoint pens exaggerate non-mainstream. Wearing a plus points, the trend; wear bad is the price, rogue.

montblanc timewalker We know that the Chinese people to wear jewelry, often seeking a good color or body care, then Xiaobian first to recommend a moral brave bracelet, brave we all mont blanc pens for sale know, only not enter, meaning financial resources, This bracelet, braided rope with a retro breath of brave, it is pleasing.

Since there is a Chinese style, then it again to Europe and the United States Fan, this simple to no longer simple bracelet, simple shape and color are very texture, than the punk style to be more refined, and for some more avant-garde Small partner, Xiao Bian proposal can be considered not exaggerated punk wind.

The same is a minimalist object, this no carved necklace, pure black only, it is great for Jane, what do not have to carve very good. And chic styling and let it look is not too plain.

This necklace is relatively small and fresh, it is quite suitable for couples to wear, some fashion accessories to wear clothes Xiaobian later introduced, and now we only say that a single product effect. Irregular spar is brought by everyone is not the same as the unique, suitable for literary youth it.

In fact, the ring with the Chinese people not much, but for the diamond ring argument, the Chinese montblanc pens may rarely wear a ring, but it is undeniable that the ring is also a good accessories, especially for people who look good, nice ring is icing on the cake Models unique shape of the ring, called "bell no Yan".

This is the sandalwood ring, we return to the Chinese wind, sandalwood in many Chinese classical objects have applications, and often associated with the Buddha together, it can be said that the ancient and body care. Of course, a treasure on the so-called sandalwood we do not believe, really want to buy or a channel is better. Although Xiaobian map is a treasure on the recruited, but the recommendation is sincere, there are requirements can be demanding material, play casually choose a just fine.