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How to meet your summer girl hearts? Little jewelry to tell you
This bracelet is very small and exquisite, giving the gift is actually sent a mind, the meaning of this bracelet lies in its three main stone, respectively, with different meaning. Designers with three main stone from the love to the marriage process: friendship, love, family. Three main stone, is witness.

Is the main stone next to the distribution of small drilling, perfect transition, with the purpose of knowing you, I hope to become your loved ones. This style of the bracelet is not picking, but also more skin color, because the small, even more refined. Material selection 925 silver plated Pt platinum, can make bracelet life greatly increased, timeless.

This twelve constellation of the ring, boys and girls can wear. Very suitable as a couple ring, montblanc timewalker looking at this ring when there will be the kind of guardian of love feeling. Wearing such a ring sometimes not only jewelry so simple, more time is to join their own so little expectations.

This feather style silver bracelet, the style is very unique. Hollow design depicting the feathers of the light, soft curves to describe the details of the feathers lifelike, creative mont blanc pen switch design, a pull to open, ready to wear, do not have to worry about the hands of the set. The only drawback is that the hand is too thin friends may bring up will appear empty, not beautiful. Material is still silver plated Pt platinum, inlaid zircon.

montblanc pens The main stone mosaic Swarovski zircon, the core moving suspension inlay the main stone center of gravity imbalance with the shaking, shining light. 925 silver plated Pt platinum, you can make jewelry life greatly increased, wearing a long time mont blanc can also be the same with the new.

For the choice of jewelry is more important mind, choose a meaningful jewelry, more people moving!