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How handsome autumn and winter is more obvious? Add a few accessories to see?

When it comes to autumn and winter accessories, the first is of course a practical and beautiful coexist scarf slightly. It is said that scarves were originally living in the desert side of the crowd, in order to prevent their own face sand scratches, it will use a scarf to protect their faces are not scratched. Coupled with the great mont blanc temperature difference between day and night in the desert, scarves can also be used as warm, it is increasingly popular. After the designers also use different elements, material innovation for scarves, whether it is plain, color, totem and other scarves are one of the most common autumn and winter accessories.

As an accessory scarf, in addition to jump to embellish the overall wear outfit, but also with the echo of color with the way that is the use of color and clothing with similar methods. Scarves use a lot, in addition to around the neck, but also simply put on the body, as part of the shape, gently take a ride shape!

Wool cap

With the temperature drop, wool cap once again become the first choice in winter. But how to wear a wool cap is also learned, such as must take into account the hat cap depth, or just where to wear just wait, are very important considerations. Grimace cap zero degrees Jun mind the first one is out of Beckham, but he is the death of hat bonnet powder. Let's take a look at the way wool caps work together.

In fact, wear to catch up, color echo has always been a good match with skills! And this way can also be used in the fur cap.

mont blanc ballpoint pens Watch

Although the watch regardless of the seasons of a single product, but the shape, often overlooked. In fact, the watch can not only embellish the mont blanc fountain pen shape, but also be regarded as a symbol of personal taste, which is why a good table prices are high, but the table will not depreciate over time, compared to many styling on a single product, More investment potential.

With the popularity mont blanc starwalker of super-long sleeves, watches worn on the sleeve outside the way, but also gradually universal! Just use the right accessories, you can add texture, highlighting the personal taste. With the advent of autumn and winter climate, the choice of strap, you can think more of leather, suede and other materials as accessories.