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Five beauty is enough for your beauty all winter

If you still think scarves veteran so wrong, in the past you may think scarves look bad with a special rustic, and now you can with a T-shirt or sweater, the street sense and scarf elegant montblanc meisterstuck just form a contrast, Make you look like the kind of girl that will match oh.

mont blanc starwalker Waist bag?

Of course, autumn wardrobe closet update bags, all kinds of messenger bags, backpacks and the like presumably you also see tired, you want to be creative and not hypocritical, may wish to consider the hot pockets this season Oh. If you have a hint of it but do not know how to match, take a quick look at the stars below.


As mont blanc starwalker a mixed-race fashion woman, how can you not have a girdle to "tyrants screen?" From T stage to the street shooting you may be able to find obviously the same clothes, but always wear the same feeling. In addition to body and style of such "force majeure", accessories is actually the key to widening the gap. Denim jacket can also be the price of girdle, breaking the routine highlight personality. Let us have a full gas field waist, this year will not wear a girdle is not called rustic, it will wear a girdle that is really foreign, mont blanc ballpoint pens seemingly 99% of the baby has not GET to this point, do not hesitate.

Baseball cap?

Baseball hats are lazy weapon that girl occasionally made lazy do not want to wash your baseball cap to become the best shelter accessories. Baseball cap appears most is the star street shooting, almost already become a star exclusive. If you happen to want to buy a new hat, I believe you can give you a lot of inspiration from the Star Street shot!

Big earrings?

Style relaxed, simple daily style dress, with a pair of exaggerated big earrings can weakened the shape of the "sense of freedom," even more stylish handsome. Exaggerated big earrings in addition to decorate the shape, in fact, the functionality of the modified face is also very strong. More full even with more powerful field together.

Simple and sweet ring earrings, luxury and elegant diamond inlaid ring earrings, jewelry classic, every woman is an essential accessory, more than the average circle earrings more stylish, and can be modified face shape, like the pro not Miss Oh ~