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Find the influx of people are so playing accessories ah!
part 1: the most powerful accessories - hand mont blanc pens discount bag

Girls on the bag, always no resistance! After all, cure all diseases Well, go out a lap, if not the poor purse deflated deflated, will buy soft. In addition to the precious and beautiful bag of the ultimate temptation, even with the same clothing, when not with the same bag, still able to highlight a different temperament. It is no wonder that bags do not buy too much!

High sense of bursting wine wine red, this year's New York Fashion Week Street shooting in a big hot color. Black is the eternal universal money? actually not. Wine red is often very winter atmosphere, therefore, only need to choose the coat with the color of the bag, so that the body presents only a sense of high sense of color, and then other dark when the background color, you can make the fashionability to MAX!

In addition to the conventional wine red and brown, in fact, for the fashion influx of people, want to highlight the natural and ultimately, the colorful color blessing. Just a pink suit, of course, what less, in the hands of a bright bag, then highlight the mix with the mind, so that the overall look looks more harmonious.

part2: the most detailed accessories - hair band

Ribbons are definitely the best single product to increase the trendy this year. Can be used for the waist, neck, ankle, how to like how to! While the models on the fashion week, but also to play the ribbon on the hair. Different with the material and the difference between enough to make hair more Western style.

If you still feel that the tail or bun is too simple, then in the match, in addition to the unique ribbon, borrow a mont blanc starwalker large earrings to enhance the sense of quality, has become the best choice.

part3: the most practical accessories - mobile phone

mont blanc starwalker When the phone in people's lives occupy an increasingly important position, it also became part of the street beat, with its distinctive appearance highlights the fashion texture.