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Feel the "boyfriend warm pocket" it? Warm accessories essential
montblanc timewalker NO.1 The first piece of artifact was a quality cashmere scarf no doubt

A few beautiful exquisite scarves warm at the same time, but also to make the whole person a lot of pure temperament, puff puff little face in the warm and scarves do not mention more cute it!

If you are intellectual England montblanc meisterstuck fan, low profile do not want to disregard the temperament, it is best to choose such a warm retro big grid scarf, with the nickname coat or down jacket simply can not be harmonious, just want to say three Word, pretty, is, the United States.

If you are playful and cute, think winter surprise and hilarious colors, try bold minority scarves. Do not have to rigidly adhere to the current form of wear, bold and lovely you can enjoy to show you like the state, you can be natural and generous, but also naughty lively.

NO.2 second artifact snow boots

Winter is a little carelessness will cool the foot, to a pair of sheepskin warm snow boots no better, both warm and comfortable, walking fluffy plush with the rhythm mont blanc starwalker swing, lively and lovely, but also so Soft wool wrapped in small feet, walking on top of it, both comfortable and soft, not bulky at all.

NO.3 third artifact cashmere knit hat

Full of warmth, and the winter, like my fairy hair lover wearing a hat wearing a hair, no longer afraid of cold wind blow my hairstyle friends, and this simple hat is particularly easy to modify the head.

Whether short hair, long hair, or long hair, knitted hat are quite suitable! Coat with people feel very mature and generous, if you prefer this style of little fairy can choose such a match.