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Clothing and accessories with five tips twilight fashionable big coffee
mont blanc sale Tip 1: simple accessories more chic

For the simple basic models, the accessories are to enhance the overall fashion sense of the key fashion. Style relaxed, simple style mont blanc pens for sale of daily dress, with a chocker embellishment can weaken the shape of the "casual sense", even more fashionable handsome. Metal color accessories gorgeous and wild, especially with a simple solid color with a single product together, the shape looks more full and more fashionable. Simple accessories in the more formal dress can also enhance the gas field, as Kate Princess's a white dress, necklace not only filled the collar of the monotonous, but also to shape more luxurious atmosphere.

Tip 2: Do not pile up a variety of accessories

Accessories stack is indeed a very fashionable idea, but more is limited to similar accessories, non-similar accessories, wear together or try to be cautious. Accessories as the finishing touch of the pen, this should be just right sense of sense of proportion to win. Different styles, different types, eye-catching accessories piled together, it will inevitably make the shape of pearl treasure is vulgar.

Tip 3: bracelet stack more colorful

Just said the different types of accessories is best not to stack together, but the hand of the stack, and the same type of accessories superposition, the effect is often better than a single wear. Such as the bracelet stack, you can avoid a single bracelet with unexpected or monotonous light, and with other hand accessories can be played on the palm of the hand to emphasize the role, so fashion more clear.

Tip 4: earrings to modify the face, and dress echo

In addition to decorating the earrings shape, in fact, the functionality of the modified mont blanc face is also very strong. Different face for different styles, size larger earrings are generally easier to modify the face.

Tip 5: different necklaces with different neckline

Different styles of necklaces with different styles of collar, the line with the formal wear necklace with the essence. Long necklace stacked and shirt V-shaped opening seems to have become a set of standard, so that the chest is not so empty also added a lot of feminine. Accessories montblanc boheme and the relationship between the clothes are inseparable, the real fashionable shape, the total has never been good accessories to the finishing touch.