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Attention! Niche accessories fashion haunted
mont blanc starwalker VINTAGE HOLLYWOOD is a leader in the niche fashion accessories industry. With its stylish mix of colors and different materials, VINTAGE HOLLYWOOD produces the most affordable yet ingenious, affordable jewelery that communicates with the public. And all the accessories are made by hand.

Zircon material adds gorgeous and heavy feeling, but the overall design is simple concise atmosphere, very modern, whether it is with a T-shirt or a small dress, can play icing on the cake effect. They also often use velvet, rhinestones, gems, tassels, etc. as a decoration, the retro and popular well combined, even in another five years, come out to wear is still very good looking out of date.

In addition to the daily earrings and necklaces, I found that their home pin is also a big hit, many people are used to do the finishing touch. The combination of zircon and gemstone, made of flower shape, lovely and delicate. Will be a few different shapes pin buckle on the clothes, hats, a unique attraction!

In recent years, the fashion industry is really the speed of the jewelry circle ah, emerged a lot of niche and stylish brand, NF is one of the unique brand overall style, bold design, bright colors, high recognition, bright colors with clever Hit the color, make people shines mont blanc in the visual effects, carefully look at the design of their home, only shouted "good fun ah, really want to buy!"

Positioning too young, playful and cute style, there is a little bit of Gothic, whether it is from the design sense, practicality, or reputation, it is recommended brand. Its iconic OK gesture modeling is very suitable for young sister paper, as well as crown, tassel, heart, pearl combination, wear cheap mont blanc pens it is exquisite little alms ~