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Accessories charm, fashion small things make you a new look

Typical OL accessories, stylish and versatile use. Such as in the neck, increase the sense of hierarchy, but also to create the highlights of the dress; followed by tied on the handbag as a modification, or to a retro headdress. Scarves usually have a fine texture and colorful patterns, for the classic neutral color office dress up the gas field.

mont blanc ballpoint pens Watch

A declaration of the watch, it is easy to get attention. Let the plain daily dress upgrade, add luxury and upscale feeling. It is recommended to add managers above the manager level, shaping the professional image. However, the choice of the watch should be able to stand the test of the classic time, as an important investment to start a single product.

Stylish sunglasses

Fashionable sunglasses should be necessary for each person installed X artifact, and then wear it on the ordinary it will be more people to look at, and then a warm smile with its blessing will become cool full. Whether it is in the hot sun, or island vacation, sunglasses are a great choice, mont blanc starwalker fashion sense soared.

Wide-bristled hat

Any fashion designer should agree, a wide-brimmed soft hat can definitely make the dress upgrade, become more attention. This is a year round can match the parts, create a strong style, so that the overall sense of dress more sense of dress.


The collar is exquisite, stylish, in the montblanc timewalker daily mix is relatively rare, so it is enough to attract the eye. Compared to scarves, it is not so strong professional Fan, but fashion doubled, and more young. In many accessories, it is unique.