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4 kinds of men's accessories to enhance the force of the whole thanks to it
1, watch

montblanc pens Wearing a formal watch (that is, wearing a formal watch instead of sports watches, toy watches, plastic watches, bizarre watches) can increase wealth for you, especially your positive star is always with you. Watch the appearance of materials and their own five elements is better.

2, pendant

Jade toad, jade, jade Buddha, etc., these auspicious pendants are by fortune. But these mascots to be open will have a role. Light is used to increase Aura. mont blanc It is best to wear when worn with jacquard rope to wear again.

3, ring

The ring has a strong symbolic meaning, so its wearing method is very particular about. Must be worn on the left hand; if the same hand when wearing two, the color to be consistent, and a complex, the other one must be simple. In addition, the best choice of two adjacent fingers. Do not wear such as montblanc timewalker the skeleton of the ring, it will make your money dim, everywhere leakage of money.

Little lion basic series

Capricorn people always have a kind of unpredictable feeling, friendship is sacred to them is not betrayed the existence, but the crucial moment can play a key role, Capricorn people also pay attention to righteousness, send girlfriends. Variety of interpretation of elegant, natural and smooth texture of crystal bright, everywhere to highlight the extraordinary temperament.

Black flag bracelet

You can make your hand more beautiful and temperament, national style full of feminine elegance. mont blanc High-end quality is worth our trust, people's wrist is no longer so monotonous, highlighting the appearance of noble temperament is simply put it down, like a hurry to start a bar.

Men's rings

Domineering men, ultimately, a stylish men's rings, metallic texture, with personalized tungsten pattern, even more domineering and personality. Mirror tungsten steel ring, mirror design, more personality, but also very beautiful, stylish simplicity, very personal.