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  • As a single king of you, no longer with accessories on the late friends
    Walking on the road, why other people have male friends, you do not have it? Yan value is not enough, accessories to Minato good ~ what necklace, earrings all have to have! The hearts of the goddess of the boys, not only make-up, decorations, as essential! A person's image to the people at first glance will be staring at the ears and neck, followed by dressing, so beautiful women painted makeup, and then decorated with accessories, will instantly enhance your temperament Oh, successfully lied to his beloved him!

    Short pendant chain closure. Simple temperament sweet wild models, simple but very chic, a variety of fashionable pendant diamond mosaic, refined simple. With no pressure, how are the right, like the beautiful sister paper should have a Oh! Clavicle chain is very delicate, s925 sterling silver is not easy to fade ~

    Red drop lacquered heart chain chain. Little red peach heart, exquisite small. The length of the clavicle chain is just right, bring out the small sexy clavicle. Very suitable for everyday wear Oh, sweet and lovely, little fairies hurry to a oh ~

    Korean long pendant. Beauty to no friends of the long section of pearl ear line, generous elegance is this feeling, really put it down! This long wear both elegant and sexy, while the beauty of the modified face effect, this elegant long ear line really no resistance.

    Love long earrings. s925 sterling silver to create, not allergies, not easy to fade. Small exquisite peach heart pendant, sweet and lovely. While the long section can be a perfect modification of the face, fried chicken sweet cute Oh ~ ~

    Korean fashion zircon necklace. Very simple and stylish montblanc boheme one, silver and rose gold atmosphere small incense wind. Simple cross modeling inlaid with zircon, sparkling. Chain is wave light chain style, very strong use Oh ~

    Pentagonal chain clavicle chain. Five-pointed star with red pomegranate, warm shining light. Passionate publicity, quietly accompanied by the warmth. Pure handmade silver wire wound, s925 sterling silver to create, not allergies, sister paper can be assured to wear Oh ~

    mont blanc pen Rose gold chain clavicle chain. A European and American Fan full of clavicle chain, not a monotonous chain, coupled with titanium steel, fashion look good. montblanc meisterstuck Artificial black agate as a pendant, simple atmosphere, and it is lining the skin white yo ~ ~

    Transfers the pork chain. Simple and delicate chain so that your sexy clavicle become the focus of everyone, s925 sterling silver to create, do not fade, not allergies, sister paper can wear the United States and the United States Oh ~ ~

    2017-10-19 10:12:05
  • Accessories can make clothing more crazy!
    Want to come to a montblanc timewalker simple and out of color Look, accessories in which the role of ultimately. Big shoes bag, small ring earrings, and the wrist on the accessories are often overlooked, after all, a string of influence is really not a little bit. Although this is the case, but small forces gathered together is different, layers of the bracelet out of the effect is quite attractive to the eye. See someone else's watch, bracelet and bracelet with, is not it will heart itch, want to give yourself a set.

    mont blanc pens discount The ancient bronze thick bracelet, the sky blue millet beads hand string, alone to bring this little to the eye of the beads no features at all, but with a bunch of bracelet may not be the same. As well as hand-made multi-color wrist ornaments, tassels and exotic patterns are to create a stacked wrist decorated Bohemian wind necessary. If you feel slightly complicated, there are simple to learn. All hand-made colorful bracelet absolute style of unity and changes are also multi-layer.

    Avant-garde metal wind is nowadays popular trend elements. Crochet rivets wrist wrapped around uninhibited style, fine metal chain and wide geometric bracelet contrast. Chain chain rope silver black combination, fine and without losing the style.

    There is no special decoration and color of the bracelet, only the original metal color, the combination is also affordable.

    A watch, plus a simple leather wrist ornaments is enough, the essence and a small amount can also be the essence. Stacked jewelry style, but changing, the combination of elegant feminine is also under the words. mont blanc fountain pen To fine chain-based, exquisite beads as a supplement is appropriate. There are leopard disc mont blanc sale wrist ornaments, filling elegant wind

    Speaking of college style you think of what, is not never thought of jewelry can also school style. Rules of the metal bracelet is necessary, to some of the letters of the combination is also a good choice. Ordinary bracelet to a simple combination is enough, with a wide fine, the color does not have to jump too.

    Want to make your accessories in the neighborhood to jump out, in the combination of accessories in the bright colors and exaggerated form this is indispensable. Nowadays the popular Maccaron can take a few, thin colorful chain also as a swap and there, as well as the gear shape of the strange hand ring as a bright spot. A few colored geometric shapes composed of exaggerated bracelet, this mix will not be wrong and very out of color.

    Table and fine chain, as well as hand-made flower-shaped rope, coupled with thick alloy chain, absolutely Fan children. Do not let your wrist or watch lonely, it is time to change, with a different style of wrist ornaments show their own style.

    2017-10-17 10:08:59
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